Mutual Funds Offered by PFS Investments Inc. ("PFSI")

With the large number of mutual funds available in the marketplace today, PFSI believes that it can better service its clients by focusing the firm and our representatives on a smaller group of fund families that offer a wide selection of top-quality funds.  We call this group of fund families our Select Group and we allow them greater access to our representatives to provide training, marketing support and educational presentations.  Likewise, Select Group funds are the only fund families PFSI promotes to its representatives.  Fund families may be chosen to be in the Select Group for any number of reasons including popularity among our representatives and clients, strength of fund offerings in a particular category, marketing support made available to our representatives, revenue sharing payments to the firm, or an agreement to obtain transfer agent or other services from Primerica Shareholder Services (“PSS”), an affiliate of PFSI.  While our representatives are free to sell funds from other fund families offered by the firm, the relationship PFSI maintains with the Select Group funds will influence our representatives to sell these funds.  Currently, PFSI’s Select Group includes the following fund families:

  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Invesco
  • American Century Investments.
  • Fidelity Advisors
  • Nuveen

Revised February 2020